Practice Details

I offer self-funded and out-of-network insurance-subsidised counseling, psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and transactional analysis, as well as academic and clinical consultation in Washington DC and online.

Session Schedule

Sessions begin at 7am and end by 9pm EST Monday through Friday.

Fees & Payment Options

Since sessions vary in frequency and length, I will talk with you about agreeing a sustainable fee and payment policy that takes this variability, as well as your needs and means into account.
As a guide, fees range upwards of $100/€85/£75 per session.


Fees are due at the time of the session, or on an advance schedule, and can be paid in cash or check, via Paypal (paypal.me/psychomerica) or credit card.


European and UK clients may also pay via Paypal (papypal.me/holomind), bank transfer or PAYM (07 94929 55 88).

US Phone: +1 202-876-4171

UK Phone: +44 794 929 55 88

E-mail: mail@mindfull.info




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