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Whether you are seeking support with your own concerns, or as a couple needing help with your relationship and the context in which you are making a life together, I will initially take a solution-focused approach drawing upon my degrees in both psychology and psychotherapy.


Together we will develop an understanding of the nature of the problems you bring, nurture pragmatic changes, and work through the emotional ups and downs that such change can create.


Sometimes change reaches deep down, disturbing the faultlines of our childhood experiences, and raising questions about our sense of self. For clients who are interested in working through these deeper issues I draw upon my training in psychoanalysis. Through this work I can offer you the rare opportunity to hear the inarticulate speech of the heart, as van Morrison has so beautifully sung, and to create a freer, truer future.


In my work with a rich diversity of clients from varying cultural and ethnic origins, differing educational, economic and social backgrounds, and ranging in age from 16 to over 60 years-old, I have found that this synthesis of proven approaches facilitates lasting and creative change.


There is so much to celebrate about our diverse natures, why not take the opportunity to fully enjoy who you are?

US Phone: +1 202-876-4171

UK Phone: +44 794 929 55 88

E-mail: mail@mindfull.info




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